Sustainable Resource

As documented by the Inter-Tropical Tuna Commission wild stock assessment, unlike Bluefin, the Yellowfin tuna population is abundant and healthy.


Using the traditional Pole & Line technique to selectively target yellowfin tuna, we responsibly catch our fish in a manner that is endorsed by Greenpeace.


Radiation Free

Pacific Yellowfin Tuna, unlike Bluefin, do not migrate across the Western Pacific, thus avoiding exposure to concentrations of Fukashima radiation.

Mercury Safe

Through controlled feeding of premium quality low-mercury diet, we aim to produce the world’s first certified mercury-safe sashimi grade tuna.

Pristine Environment

Our farm is located in a pristine deep-water sheltered bay amidst Southern Baja California’s isolated off-shore archipelago.  With clear water, deep ocean currents, and low stocking density, our fish are never treated with vaccines or antibiotics at any stage of the life cycle.  Santa Maria Yellowfin Tuna are naturally healthy due to living in clean, highly oxygenated water and eating a premium organic diet.
Bahia Santa Maria Baja California Mexico
  • Pristine off-shore island
  • Pacific ocean currents
  • Crystal clear blue water
  • Sustainably captured (Pole & Line)
  • low stocking density
  • Hormone & Anti-biotic free

Sustainable Seafood

Oceanic Aquaculture is a commercially sustainable producer of premium sashimi grade Yellowfin Tuna for the US market which we call Ahi Mignon(tm).  The company’s fish farming activities meet all required government regulations and world’s best practice standards, positioning Oceanic Aquaculture as a premium producer of international repute.

  • Santa Maria Bay Yellowfin Tuna represent the most innovative approach to sustainable fishing in the State of Baja, if not the world.

    - Victor Guardo, CEO
  • This is my passion… raising the absolute best quality fish on earth!  To work with such beautiful creatures, to ensure they live truly healthy lives, and come to their end in a human manner — it translates to a fantastic culinary experience which brings great joy to everyone.   This will be our legacy.

    - Antoine Debarge, Founder

Ahi Mignon(tm) represents a new standard for excellence in luxury seafood.  Wholesale and select restaurant direct relationships inquire here.