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Deep blue water teeming with marine life, powerful open ocean currents, sweeping desert vistas drenched in sunlight and the calming silence of isolation — welcome to Santa Maria Bay in Baja California Sur Mexico.

Having navigated government and environmental audits, we’ve been granted permits to pioneer sustainable yellowfin tuna ranching in Santa Maria Bay.  We are honored and deeply committed to stewarding this unique environment and jewel of the Baja Peninsula.

Our mission is to preserve the pristine environment of this offshore island paradise for tuna thus that our long-term vision for fully closed lifecycle hatchery raised tuna can be sustainable for generations to come.

Pole & Line

From day 1 we have targeted the capture of our Yellowfin Tuna via the traditional Pole and Line  method which has be endorsed by such organization as Greenpeace as it mitigates by-catch.

Hatchery Raised

To mitigate pressure on wild-stock populations in each subsequent year we aim to raise a growing percentage of both our Yellowfin tuna fingerlings, and their bait feed in hatcheries,.

Mercury Safe

Controlled feeding of premium organic feed sources & moderate harvest weights, facilitate the opportunity for us to consistently produce quantifiably “mercury safe” sashimi grade tuna.

Locally Raised

“Local sashimi grade tuna!”  We are conveniently located within driving distance to consistently bring fresh fish directely to our primary distribution points in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Our mission

To raise the absolute best quality sashimi grade tuna,
cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Our team

A passionate collective of tuna industry veterans, natural products entrepreneurs and life-long watermen, our team is experienced, dedicated and honored to be stewards of Santa Maria Bay Yellowfin Tuna.


Victor Guardado, CEO

Over 30 years experience with Mexico Aquaculture and Fishing Industries including 14 years specifically working as a tuna farm manager. Oceanography degree from the University Autonomous, Baja California Sur.


Patrick Keane, Co-Founder

Patrick Keane has worked as a general manager for some of the major Bluefin tuna farms in Australia and Mexico.  Also an experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Keane is also the owner of a bluefin concession in Mexico.

Joseph Hendrix, Technical Advisor

Pioneering commercial Yellowfin Tuna research in Mexico, Mr. Hendrix developed special feeding and harvesting programs for the species and brings extensive experience with open ocean aquaculture pens.

Antoine Debarge, founder

Antoine Debarge, Founder

A passionate lifelong ocean enthusiast and avid fishermen, Antoine is the founder and visionary responsible for funding this project to its current state. Going forward, Antoine will continue to help drive the company focusing on maximizing shareholder value, while maintaining a long-term vision for sustainability