Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail Sashimi

Baja Hiramasa Sashimi

Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) also known as Yellowtail Kingfish, Australian Kingfish, Italiam Ricciola, Lechas, Magiatiko, Charuteiro and Gelbschwanz Makrele

Oceanic Aquaculture Products, llc. is proud to import and distribute  local Baja Yellowtail Hiramasa from our neighbor farm BajaSeas in Bahia Magdalena, direct to restaurants in Los Angeles.

Harvested multiple times a week, Baja Hiramas are sustainably raised from eggs and grown in ocean pens in the pristine waters of the Pacific, within trucking distances to the US, making them a fresh local source of premium quality sushi-grade yellowtail available year round.

We believe Hiramasa represent a more sustainable alternative to the traditional Japanese Hamachi with a delicious, slightly less oily content and a delicate ocean flavor enabling it to be served cooked as well as sashimi/crudo.

Being in the same area of our yellowfin tuna site, we have been following the development of BajaSeas from its infancy, and have seen their practices first hand to assure you full transparency and practices on this product.

The Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail we import and distribute are a raised by our local partners, BajaSeas, in the vibrant waters of Bahia Magdalena, in Southern Baja California Mexico, amongst the most pristine in the world.

This local source of Hiramasa Yellowtailis is produced from hatchery raised fingerlings and grown in an open water, low stress environment. The use of minimal stocking densities and site fallowing practices delivers a fish which is totally sustainable, using the world’s best practices. Baja Hiramasa are raised without antibiotics or parasiticides; and semi-automated feeders and feed cameras prevent overfeeding.

Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail has pale pink flesh and sweet, rich flavor which is genuinely superior to the wild, with a higher fat content, cleaner flavor and firmer texture making it more versatile, consistent and delicious.


Produced to the highest environmental standards, Baja Hiramasa Yellowtail kingfish farming activities in Bahia Magdalena exceed the required legislation and world’s best practice standards, ensuring sustainable stocks for the future.

The waters in which our Baja Hiramasa are farmed are amongst the most pristine in the world.  Fed by cool, nutrient-rich Pacific waters from the Humboldt Current, the marine sites are located in areas of high tidal movement, consistent flow and temperature.


Not only does Yellowtail (Hiramasa) kingfish taste great, it’s nutritious, convenient and versatile.

High in nutrients, low in calories and lean on fat, Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish is rich in protein and an excellent source of Omega-3 – an essential dietary oil that helps maintain a healthy heart and immune system and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

baja hiramasa yellowtail poached

Poached Baja Hiramasa at Gjelina in Venice, CA.

Hiramasa Kingfish Nutrition Facts per 100g of raw product

Kilojoules 428 (102 Calories)
Cholesterol 24mg
Total fat (oil) 1.1g
Saturated fat 36% of total fat
Monounsaturated fat 24% of total fat
Polyunsaturated fat 39% of total fat
Omega-3, EPA 44mg
Omega-3, DHA 238mg
Omega-6 30mg