2 months old YF tuna

Targeting full closed life cycle yellowfin Tuna through a hatchery process, OCEANIC AQUACULTURE recently made a trip to the IATTC’s Achotines Laboratories in Panama, in collaboration with the University of Miami and IATTC researchers in July 2014.

Yellowfin tuna are being reared at Achotines by Kinki University researchers working in collaboration with IATTC scientists.  IATTC is the owner and operator of the Achotines Laboratory, where for the past 18-years they have been pioneering research programs with yellowfin, including routine rearing of early-juvenile yellowfin of a similar size to those which we photographed on the blog here.

Early results of the research that we  participated in are encouraging, with the production of up to 2 month old fingerlings, almost old enough to be transferred into ocean pens.

As an update to yellowfin juvenile rearing at Achotines, Kinki University and ARAP, supported by IATTC scientists, recently transferred juvenile yellowfin to a sea cage:  After a short period in the sea cage, these fish were moved back to one of the Achotines reserve broodstock tanks, and as of early August, 2015, a small group of these fish was still alive, currently about 25 cm in length.



Benetti and I at achotinesWithin a 5 year horizon, OCEANIC AQUACULTURE aims to replicate some of these techniques to our own facilitates with the goal of harvesting more than 50% of our production from Yellowfin tuna raised from eggs, thus minimizing dependance on wild Yellowfin populations.